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Temporary Exhibitions

November 3 2020 - April 4 2021

Invisible Collections 2020

Artémis Amarysia.In search of the lost temple

A team of Greek-Swiss archaeologists has been working for 10 years to locate on the island of Evia one of the last great sanctuaries of ancient Greece still buried. The confirmation of its discovery came in 2017 with the reading of the name Artemis associated with a large sacred space used from the Bronze Age to the Roman imperial period.

Frédéric Troyon room (1st floor)
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September 24 2020 - February 28 2021


Looking Outward in the Age of Enlightenment

How can we define what is "exotic" in Switzerland or elsewhere ? This exhibition examines the relationships between Switzerland and elsewhere during the age of the Enlightenment, while aiming for a better understanding of world views and the stereotypes which arise from them, and making the link to the 21st century.

The exhibition captions are in english, german and french.

Large rooms (2nd floor)
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Prochaine parution dans la collection des Cahiers d'archéologie romande

CAR 185. Le site archéologique du plateau des Frisses à Ayent/Argnou (Valais, Suisse). Bénéficiez du prix de souscriptions jusqu'au 31 décembre.


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