Temporary Exhibitions

May 20 - October 2 2022 

Spring Collections 2022

Latest archeological discoveries in the Vaud canton

Every year, there are around 20 archaeological digs in the canton of Vaud. Most of the finds are the property of the State and are destined to enrich the museum’s collections. A number of objects have been selected to illustrate the latest field research and show how restoration is carried out in the museum’s laboratory.

Rooms Frédéric Troyon (1st floor) and Colin Martin (3rd floor)
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May 13 2022 - January 29 2023


Greenland over Time

A new joint exhibition of the science and history museums of the Palais de Rumine, Qanga is based on a graphic novel by Greenlandic artist Konrad Nuka Godtfredsen. It tells the story of Greenland: from the time of the first hunter-gatherers who immigrated from present-day Canada 4,500 years ago to the years of cohabitation with the first Danish missionaries and settlers.  

An interdisciplinary exhibition on the Great North, mixing history, art and natural science.

Grandes salles (2nd floor)
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Parution du Rapport d'activité 2021

Retrouvez toute la vie du musée pendant l'année écoulée, en textes, en images et en chiffres !


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